Mexico and The Area
Discover Mexico, Playa del Carmen & Playacar
Mexico is a land that will delight those who love the sun and sea as much as those who have a penchant for culture. You’ll be impressed by the sheer diversity of the landscape and the mystery of its pyramids, palaces and temples, which stand as testimony to a rich, ancient culture. Mexico has it all: culture combined with glorious beaches and turquoise waters.
Riviera Maya
The Riviera Maya, which runs south along Mexico’s Caribbean coast between Cancun and Tulum, is fast becoming internationally renown for being the ideal location for a luxury vacation getaway.  
The area benefits from excellent weather and temperature, which fluctuates between 25 to 35 degrees Celsius, 77 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally there are more sunshine days (240), on average, than any other Caribbean resort.

The Riviera Maya embodies Caribbean splendour, with translucent turquoise waters and powdery white-sand beaches, coupled with coastal areas of great natural beauty.
Playa del Carmen
Whether your definition of holiday fun is lying on a beach sipping margaritas, dancing the night away, snorkelling among brilliant schools of fish, or exploring the spectacular ruins of the lost Maya civilisation - you'll find this and more in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.
Blessed with warm weather, blue skies, and an even deeper blue Caribbean Sea, Playa del Carmen, often referred to as Playa, is paradise to vacationers from around the world every year.
In addition to the pleasures of the sea, Playa is the gateway to the lost Maya civilisation of the Yucatan. Its jungles are strewn with abandoned cities from the classic period of the Maya, whose traditional dress, language, and ways survive today in local villages.
There is plenty to do and see in Playa and although the town is growing fast, the developments are low rise taking into account the natural environment. Playa has managed to retain a relaxed village atmosphere and is anything other than hectic as it is the gentle surf that seems to dominate the pace of life.
With ancient ruins and white tropical beaches, five-star resorts and secluded getaways, Playa offers fabulous vacations in an exotic setting.
Most of Playa del Carmen's rental homes are in the Playacar gated community just a few minutes south of Playa del Carmen. This upscale, secure neighbourhood has an 18-hole golf course, an aviary, several Mayan ruins and private villas. Villa Santuario is in Playacar between the Caribbean Sea and the golf course and is a 2 minute stroll to the edge of a magnificent white sandy beach, with crystal clear turquoise waters and a coral reef.
Area Details
Mayan Riviera: located in the Caribbean on the eastern coast of Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula.
Playa del Carmen - La Quinta Avenida:
(Fifth Avenue) is the main thoroughfare, with restaurants, bars, night clubs and shops.
Cozumel Island:  from Playa you are within easy reach of Cozumel Island and diving the second largest reef in the world.

Visitor Information
Time Zone: Central Time (GMT/UTC minus 6 hours)
Language: Spanish, Mayan and English in tourist areas
Electricity: the standard current is 110 volt AC
Sales Tax: there is a 10% value added tax (IVA) on all retail items except medicine.  This has generally already been included in the price of the goods.  Some luxury items have a higher IVA.
Water: purified water is provided in the Villa for drinks, ice and cooking.  It is vital that only bottled water is drunk when away from the Villa.
Health Risks: chagas' disease, cholera, dengue fever, filariasis, hepatitis, rabies, tetanus, typhoid are illnesses that one should be aware of
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