Playacar is an upscale seaside gated community on the southern end of Playa del Carmen. This is a very relaxing area with wide paved stone avenues, walking paths, excellent quiet beaches, great snorkelling, an aviary, beautiful landscaping, and an 18 hole golf course. Also one of the only places that has protected Mayan Ruins interspersed between the villas.
Caribbean Sea
Flowers on tree
Green space along walking paths and ruins
House in the trees
Ladies going to the beach
Mr Crab - Playacar resident
Playacar beach - 2 minute stroll away!
Playacar Mayan ruin
Playacar shop
Playacar street - watch out for the trees!
Sea from the ruins
Sidewalks with a curve
Stroll to the beach
Walking path around the ruins
Playacar beach looking towards ferry pier
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