Playa del carmen
Playa del Carmen, often referred to as Playa, is prized for its turquoise blue waters and environmental treasures. Come to swim, sunbathe, stroll along wonderful beaches, listen to bands in the outdoor air, and dance at some of the hottest clubs at night. La Quinta or 5th Avenue is a pedestrian street with great restaurants, bars and shops. La Quinta is only a 10 minute walk or a quick taxi ride from Villa Santuario.  
4th Street from La Quinta
El Faro street
El Zocalo - town centre
Ferry pier
Fishing boats at sunset
La Quinta - Tequileria
La Quinta
Mariachi serenade
Playa at night
Playa ferry pier
Playa restaurant
Shopping & eating at Paseo del Carmen
Side street off La Quinta
True entertainer!
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